Get to know our team – Sales Executive Rebecca Rodman

This year we’re excited to bring new ideas and technology to our customers and industry, as well as new faces. In our latest staff profile series, we welcome Sales Executive Rebecca Rodman to the team and learn about her experience working with GPs and specialists to use digital health data for better care.

Rebecca Rodman

Hi Rebecca! Can you tell us about your background in healthcare?

My career in healthcare started straight out of University, where I worked for a major pharma company in the cardiology and endocrinology space. I started to develop a keen interest in chronic disease and rural healthcare and soon after moved to medical-equipment company ResMed where I worked for 10 years in the respiratory and sleep medicine areas.

My interest in digital health began when connected respiratory devices became available to patients, allowing clinicians to all of a sudden have access to troves of patient data. The challenges around what to do with this data, who was responsible for it and what it meant for the patient was a very exciting time for me.

Most recently, I have been working with an Adelaide-based health tech company, helping hospitals to digitialse their pre-admission and post-discharge processes.

What is your new role at Alcidion and what will it entail?

As Southern Region Sales Executive at Alcidion, I will be responsible for supporting new sales and business development across our southern region. Alcidion has made strong traction in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with some of the biggest and most-forward looking healthcare organisations to deliver innovative solutions and services, leading to improved patient care and clinician experiences.

I look forward to accelerating Alcidion’s progress in this region and developing meaningful relationships with healthcare providers, to help transform healthcare delivery so that it is effective and efficient.

In your experience, how can technology help clinicians deliver better patient care and outcomes?

Technology allows clinicians to access the right information at the right time about their patients, saving them time and reducing risk. Technology also allows clinicians to reach a wider group of patients including rural and remote patients to provide a more equitable health service.

What do you believe are the most exciting developments & innovations in healthcare?

I am most excited about how technology can enable equal access to healthcare for all patients, no matter where you are. One of the greatest challenges in our healthcare system is delivering high-quality and timely health services to people living in rural and remote areas. Technology like virtual reality, telehealth and artificial intelligence open up new possibilities for people in our regions to access health services currently available in our cities – without the need to travel out of their communities.

Fun fact about yourself?

I used to be a triathlete… but now I value my family time and sleep more!

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