Mobile EMR that keeps you informed anywhere, anytime.

Miya MEMRe gives clinicians the information they need to manage their workload, improve patient safety and adhere to best practice.

How it works

Mobile intuitive interface aligned with clinical workflow

Miya MEMRe exploits the vast amount of information available in your EMR and clinical systems.  Built on the Miya Precision Platform, it takes advantage of the real-time clinical events based on FHIR models to present a comprehensive mobile patient record.




Wherever, whenever, clinicians can get a snapshot of their caseload, be notified of critical issues and access comprehensive patient records on-the-go.  Immediately see what’s important and identify problem areas.  Available on the Apple iOS platform, we take advantage of the familiar interaction and navigation experienced on your iPhone.

Manage Caseload

Manage Caseload

Always know your workload

Manage admissions, discharges, patients in ED, consult requests and reviews to prioritise your time.  Review and action critical events – lab results, vital signs, deterioration, overnight events.  Communicate directly with your peers and manage tasks via the convenience of your smart phone.

Meaningful notifications

Meaningful notifications

Meaningful notifications save clicks

Instantly assess clinical risks, Hospital Acquired Complications, changes in lab results and patient deterioration with patient context.  Receive clinical decision support based on AI models.  Updates post to the EMR through SMART on FHIR and HL7.  The patient record is always synchronised.

Tailored patient lists

Tailored patient lists

Easy to access relevant data

Focus on a specific patient or a group of patients.  Define your own patient lists by “tagging” patients or subscribe to monitor changes.  Review clinical details and trends and action immediately.

Why Miya MEMRE

Anywhere, anytime.

Ready access to streamlined clinical information when and where it is needed.

Meaningful interaction
Miya MEMRe uses all the familiar features and navigation available on your iPhone results in streamlined adoption.
Instant access
Access to critical tailored information whenever and wherever needed aligned to your workflow.
Consolidated record
Miya MEMRe presents data from all your clinical systems in an intuitive user interface accessed from your iPhone.

"Alcidion are excited to deliver Miya MEMRe. It’s a new generation of clinical app designed from the ground up for decision support and AI."

Dr Malcolm Pradhan, Chief Medical Officer, Alcidion

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