Health analytics that solve problems in real-time.

Miya Precision combines AI-based predictive analytics, Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and mobile alerts in one easy-to-use dashboard.

How it works

Real-time information at your fingertips

Real-time data visualisations highlight critical data needed to make informed decisions at every level, from hospital operations and patient flow monitoring down to complexity metrics and patient deterioration risk.


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A Platform for innovation

Miya Precision leverages FHIR to overcome interoperability issues and drive ongoing improvement in your operations. An open standards platform, Miya Precision integrates with any source system from PAS to an EMR.

Empower efficiencies

Empower efficiencies

Stay ahead with Miya Patient Flow – a real-time patient journey and bed management solution.

Miya Patient Flow gives you 20/20 visibility across streamlined care coordination, risk and task management, so you can predict, prevent and plan in an instant.

Harness analytics and algorithms

Harness analytics and algorithms

Delivering intelligent control for management

Take the guesswork out of patient journey planning. Miya Hospital Operations Centre shows you who is coming, going or staying from one consolidated view. Hospital at a Glance gives you an instant view of the insights that matter. Miya Precision’s clinical decision support engine monitors hospital acquired complications and other safety issues to facilitate real-time information sharing.

Supporting Mobility

Supporting Mobility

Stay informed anytime, anywhere

Get insights, critical event notifications risk-focussed summaries on the go with Miya MEMRe. Designed for and with clinicians to address their information needs and provide relevant patient updates face-up.


Why Miya

A smarter choice

Simple, intuitive and aligned with your workflow, Miya Precision is made for teams on the go.

Streamlined adoption
It's easy to get started with Miya Precision's intuitive user interface.
Flexible scalability
Miya Precision can be scaled to fit the needs of your user population and organisation scope.
Intelligent integration
Miya Precision's plug and play technology makes integration a breeze.

Our recent study of 30,856 cases discovered

Over 75% of patients have one or more additional conditions detected that are not documented.

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