Patient safety and communications systems putting clinicians in control.

Know every patients’ status. Prevent patient deterioration. And intervene faster than ever before. Patientrack uses predictive algorithms to support time-critical care.

How it works

Know your patient’s status at every point of care

Patientrack monitors clinical interventions to a standardised workflow and actively prompts for action. It automatically reviews inputs to constantly assess patient status. And when deterioration is detected, Patientrack uses local escalation protocols to send notifications immediately.


Access Assessment Easily

Designed for mobile and tablet, your team can document patient information at every point of care. And access comprehensive records 24/7.

Real-time clinical updates

Real-time clinical updates

Observations at the point of care

Record observations at the bedside. Send automated Early Warning Score (EWS) to your team. Improve clinical attendance and intervention.

Tailored clinical documentation

Tailored clinical documentation

Comprehensive Care Delivery

Create a digital record to calculate scores, share and apply learnings and predict interventions. Patientrack has over 30 clinical assessments to drive workflow.


Active real-time monitoring

Active real-time monitoring

Keeping patients safer

Patientrack’s smart algorithms monitor critical conditions, assess patient status and issue instant notifications to facilitate early intervention.


See the bigger picture

With full visibility over patient status, it’s easy to see how Patientrack can help you deliver a safer standard of care.

Actively monitor patient deterioration
Single and multi track and trigger Early Warning Scores optimise care and clinical intervention. Constant monitoring enables early intervention and reduces the risk of deterioration. Specific monitoring of conditions such as Sepsis and AKI alerts clinicians earlier to improve patient outcomes.
Support clinical workflows
Assessment outcomes are used to prompt relevant interventions in the clinical workflow. Patient status is comprehensively managed and documented throughout their episode of care.
View patient progress online
Status information is available instantly to every member of your clinical team. Integration notifications alert clinicians to review patient charts and view care requirements in context.

Patientrack delivers results

1 minute saved in the recording of each set of observations for every patient

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