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Connect and collaborate instantly. Smartpage is the speedy messaging and task management platform delivering the simplicity of your favourite messaging service with the security of encryption.

How it works

Instant cloud-based communication

Smartpage encrypted messaging supports the safe and secure transfer of confidential patient data. Clinicians are aware at all times of patient status and care needs.

Real-time information, electronic requests, instant dispatching and allocation creates efficient workflows and improves team productivity. Patient journeys are streamlined with efficient service delivery.




Ward to ward, shift to shift. Smartpage supports your team around the clock.

Connected Care

Connected Care

Seamless communication

Flat phone battery? No problem. Smartpage allows clinicians to use their existing credentials at login, so they can simply swap out their phone mid-shift. And because users can see who’s online, they know who is and isn’t available.

Patient confidentiality is protected as users need to record a patient’s consent for any images. This can be linked to the patient’s clinical record via the Patient ID.

Efficient Clinical Communication

Efficient Clinical Communication

Patient care at the forefront

Clinicians can be electronically requested to review a patient, update medication, complete a discharge summary or any other intervention. ETA visibility, online two-way communication informs the full clinical team. Paging is replaced and certainty introduced.

All patient requests can be viewed with the option to use a structured SBAR format and include key clinical details such as observations.

Smart Task Management

Smart Task Management

Smartpage for orderlies 

Managing non-clinical activities? Smartpage is an efficient and cost effective non-clinical tasking alternative, covering orderlies, cleaners, food services and security.

Task requests are streamlined through electronic orders. This allows a full overview of what is happening across the organisation.

Efficiency is improved with instant mobile dispatching either manual, self or and auto-dispatching.


Let’s talk smart

Smart, easy and ready to go. Smartpage is designed with collaboration in mind.

Encrypted Security
Message encryption means your data is in safe hands.
Convenient Communication
Instant meaningful communication that prompts action.
Supports Productivity
Smartpage saves clinical teams up to 20 minutes per hour.

Smartpage delivers results

“I love Smartpage because it's easy to use, efficient and gives transparency of care.”

Isabella McKenzie,
Registered Nurse, Capital and Coast District Health Board

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