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Patient safety is more than a tick box. It’s a promise. And we’ll help you deliver on it, every day.

Keeping your patients safe means keeping them free from risk and error. And we’ve got the tools to help. Our technology solutions can help you prevent clinical problems and avoid adverse events. With smarter ways to store, visualise and share clinical information, your team make sense of complex data. And use it to make life-saving decisions faster. To take control of what’s happening on the hospital floor. And transform patient outcomes for the better.

Together, let’s use technology to improve patient safety.

Fast Detection of Patient Deterioration
Highlight and assess changes in patient health through continuous data monitoring.
Automated Escalation Protocols
Active patient data interrogation and automatic alerts means your clinicians are always the first to know.
Insights On-Demand
With all patient data stored in one easy-to-use platform, comprehensive patient information is always in reach.


50% reduction in cardiac arrests

Patientrack helped Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust halve cardiac arrests, reduce risk of mortality for out-of-hours’ admissions and reduce critical care length of stay.

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Case study

100,000 secondary care deaths in England associated with AKI annually

Using Patientrack, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust developed an automated early warning system for acute kidney injury to detect risk early, promote intervention and save lives.




5 different information systems integrated

By giving staff access to real-time patient data at the bedside, Miya Precision is enhancing patient safety and the clinician experience at MidCentral District Health Board.


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