Increase Operational Efficiencies

Smart resourcing saves liveS

When your organisation runs efficiently, we’re all better for it. So let’s streamline your operations and help you get even more out of your resources.

Every day, your healthcare organisation is expected to deliver the best possible care. On a budget. Our innovative solutions are here to help you harness the power of real-time information to support smarter decision-making at every level. To support continuous process improvement and fuel life-saving innovation. To streamline your approach to care delivery, in a way that works for everyone.

Together, let’s make your hospital more efficient.

Increase Resource Awareness
Gain the visibility you need to take action and enhance efficiencies.
Workforce Assignment Overview
We can help you match supply with demand to make healthcare more efficient for all.
Proactive Management
Stay a step ahead of service demand by managing tomorrow's needs today.


100% completion rate for observations

By using Patientrack to replace paper-based observation recording, automate EWS calculations and deliver this information to staff on mobile devices in real-time, Waitemata District Health Board has improved patient care and productivity.


Case Study

75% reduction in cardiac arrests

Early warning system reduces cardiac arrests and helps to identify and respond to other potentially fatal conditions including sepsis and AKI.


Case Study

15 minutes saved every hour, for every doctor

With Smartpage, Capital and Coast District Health Board improved communication, visibility, efficiency, and most importantly, patient safety.


Integrated solutions, tailored to your needs.



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