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Now you can support safe and efficient clinical decisions at every point of care.  

Smart, accessible insights lead to safer clinical decisions. And with the information they need at their fingertips, your team is empowered to perform. With real-time communication, data sharing and automated alerts, our clinical decision support solutions are right there with them. Guidance based on recognised protocols and algorithms mean a deeper understanding of the patient condition. And the confidence to take life-saving action, fast.

Together, let’s empower clinical decision-makers.

Integrated Clinical Decision Support
Clinical Decision Support links available health data with comprehensive health knowledge to give clinicians the insights they need to deliver safe and efficient care.
Active Analysis
Smart technology means insightful patient health data can to be continuously monitored, analysed and interrogated.
Immediate Information
Real-time alerts to changes in the patient condition empower your team to intervene early.

Case study

1 minute saved per observation recording per patient

With Patientrack, Canterbury District Health Board digitised and automated assessment and communication tools to improve the detection of patients at risk of deterioration, which ultimately improved patient outcomes, the patient experience and patient flow.


Case study

100,000 secondary care deaths in England associated with AKI annually

Using Patientrack, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust developed an automated early warning system for acute kidney injury to detect risk early, promote intervention and save lives.



Case Study

50% reduction in cardiac arrests

Patientrack helped Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust halve cardiac arrests, reduce risk of mortality for out-of-hours’ admissions and reduce critical care length of stay.



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