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Healthcare organisations run on teamwork. With smart tools at their fingertips, your teams will work smarter, together. And deliver a safer standard of care.

Healthcare moves at lightning speed. Your team does their best to deliver under pressure, however, outdated tools can impede productivity. Putting patient outcomes at risk. We understand the pressures your teams face on the floor. So, we’ve created a range of integrated solutions to help them to connect, collaborate and coordinate in real-time. To share sensitive information securely. And to make smart, informed clinical decisions, faster than ever before.

Together, let’s empower your team to deliver the best possible care.

Clinical Engagement
Engage broader clinical teams in the delivery of timely patient care.
Improve Accountability
Support your clinical teams to deliver in times of peak demand.
Supporting Care Delivery
Our solutions and services make your deliver of care more efficient than ever before.


15 minutes saved every hour, for every doctor

With Smartpage, Capital and Coast District Health Board improved communication, visibility, efficiency, and most importantly, patient safety.



Integrated solutions, tailored to your needs.



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