Improving patient flow and bed management at MidCentral District Health Board

Since introducing the Miya Platform, the staff at New Zealand’s MidCentral District Health Board (MDHB) staff have seen a noticeable improvement to bed allocation, smoother patient flow, and a more efficient allocation of hospital resources. By integrating five different clinical information systems, clinical staff can now see detailed patient information in real-time, enabling them to make the right care decisions quicker, improving patient outcomes.
  • 5
    different clinical information systems
    have been integrated with the Miya Platform
  • 19
    across MDHB are using Miya Precision


MDHB wanted to improve both patient safety and the clinician experience.

To do this, Alcidion concluded that MDHB needed to bring the data it had housed in many separate, disparate information systems together. By doing this, the data would be more useful and actionable for its staff, making it simple and fast for them to make the right care decisions based on real-time information.


MDHB was the first healthcare organisation in the world to roll-out of the next-generation Miya Platform, a ground-breaking technology to meet the needs of healthcare interoperability requirements through the integration of data from any source.

The software has successfully integrated with five clinical information systems at MDHB, including WebPas, CareStream Radiology, Clinical Portal and Pathology.  It delivers real-time patient flow information and bed management updates to MDHB staff and can be accessed by clinicians using an iPad at the bedside, workstation, and patient journey boards installed in each ward.

Miya allows clinicians to view a patient’s admission history, demographics and test results at the bedside, in real-time. It also allows MDHB to add patient safety algorithms and apply artificial intelligence to improve patient outcomes.

Finally, Miya Precision’s Hospital Operations Centre gives MDHB’s Managing Nurses a high-level overview of hospital bed occupancy in real-time, with the ability to drill down into individual departments and wards for more detailed insight.

“The information is displayed in an easy-to-read way and the system provides both charge nurses and nurse managers with the ability to see real-time updates on patient flow, which improves planning and ultimately ensures every patient is provided with the best care possible.”

– Celina Eves, Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery, MidCentral District Health Board


Miya is being used across all wards and the Emergency Department at Palmerston North Hospital, and two wards at Horowhenua Health Centre.

Since the implementation of Miya Precision, MDHB staff have seen a noticeable improvement in bed allocation, smoother patient flow, and a more efficient allocation of hospital resources.

“The mobile technology is a godsend on ward rounds and has helped improved patient flow in and out of the ward, making discharges more evident and timely. I love it and wouldn’t be without it now.”

– Sarah Donnelly, Charge Nurse, MidCentral District Health Board

With Miya’s Hospital Operations Centre, staff can quickly allocate the best beds for each individual patient, minimising wait times and keeping the patient journey as smooth as possible.

And now that clinicians can view a patient’s information at the bedside, in real-time, they are better equipped to make the right care decisions, quickly, to improve patient outcomes.

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